My Review

For this review I chose to read “With Those We Love Alive” by Porpentine, which was scored by Brenda Neotenomie. It came out in 2014 as a twine browser game that is interactive as you read through the story it tells. This enable readers to inverse themselves further into the plot and provides a deeper more personal experience with the author and story. I think it this story definitely fit that aspect as it should be read and viewed as it is, an interactive story. It allows readers to live vicariously through the character and gives them the freedom to decide what they look like in the beginning by choosing your eye color, month you were born it, etc. it allows readers to explore and choose different links that are colored pink and can tell you more about the scenery of the world within the story. So, I don’t think it could have provided that experience if it were to have come in a more traditional aspect like an actual physical book.

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